The Information Technology (IT) Education and training arm of the company, takes the lead in the provision of world class IT training and internationally recognized certification. With our highly effective teaching methodology and state of the art laboratories, our trainings are geared towards providing learning solutions, with great emphasis on hands-on exercises.

Benefits of our training solutions

At Dynat Future solution, our classroom training is led by knowledgeable, practiced professionals. Our instructors have been exposed to best practices and practical applications from some of the largest and most successful organizations in the country and outside. Each of our instructors has applied their knowledge in their fields, and are thereby able to provide students with the practical feedback and professional context.

Our instructors

We are committed to meeting the ever increasing challenges of the world of IT and hope to meet the needs through our trained members of staff who are professionals in their various I.T. fields, with a good blend of training and on-the-job experience. They will be constantly motivated to help our students and clients achieve and surpass their dreams.

Our instructors are highly seasoned and experienced professionals in various IT fields with practical experience.

Our instructors are an extension of our system development teams, sharing practical applications and Real-world experience with our development teams who are constantly facing the challenges of the fast growing IT world. Therefore, by learning from our instructors, students leverage their experience and knowledge, hence taking part in a "syndicate of learning" by leveraging the expertise of our development teams.

The following attributes best describe our instructors;

  • Authorities and leaders in their fields
  • Prior experience in leading and training other professionals from a variety of different organizations.
  • Proficient in creating a learning cycle to reinforce and promote further learning for your organization.
  • Dedicated to partnering with your organization